HKTDC International Sourcing Show
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Showcasing thousands of products across 10 industries, the HKTDC International Sourcing Show is now on at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, don’t miss this opportunity to source products including fashion, gifts as well as printing and packaging.

Exhibitor-Buyer Networking Session


Hong Kong Exporters' Association - Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2021 Winners

DiSCARVERY Messenger Bag

Blind Creation Company Limited

Showcase No.: 3F-A001


DACH Limited

Showcase No.: 3F-A001

1.618 The Golden Ratio Paperclip

Yuan Design Studio

Showcase No.: 3F-A001

Gifts Ideas

Gingerlily Reed Diffuser Gift Set

Aroma Vera International Ltd

Showcase No.: 3F-A150, 3F-D146, 3F-D291

LED Candle Bluetooth Speaker

Blessland Group Limited

Showcase No.: 3F-A165, 3F-D068

BWB Coin Pouch with Keychain (2 Bears)

New Life Support Enterprises Limited

Showcase No.: 3F-B126

Ag+ Antimicrobial Recycle Shopping Bag

Silsilgerm Co., Limited

Showcase No.: 3F-B236

Gemstone Massage Roller

Venus Gemstone Jewelry Co Ltd

Showcase No.: 3F-A242

Coin Purse

Wah Luen Stationery Supplies Co Ltd

Showcase No.: 3F-A237

Chic Wardrobe

KnitWarm UrbanJacket

Fung Fat Knitting Manufactory Limited 

Showcase No.: 3F-D381

BL _ _ K Tee

Mode Creation Limited

Showcase No.: 3F-D371

Man’s Shirt

Restagno Design Limited

Showcase No.: 3F-D370

Printing & Packaging

Brother GTX Pro Garment Printer

C. Window Systems Co. Ltd

Showcase No.: 3F-B010

Two Swing Open Box with 4-layer

Chelson Manufacturing Limited

Showcase No.: 3F-A205; 3F-A101; 3F-D135

Innovative Premium Wine Box

Ijen Enterprises Ltd

Showcase No.: 3F-A200; 3F-B030

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Fashion Summit

Crossfor HK Ltd.

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Opportunities across 10 Industries

List of Exhibitors

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Holistic Digital Solutions for Sourcing

E-commerce has further altered how people buy things and what they buy. Join the webinar to hear what our experts have to say about the key digital solutions to further expand their market footprints in major markets.

Mr Herbert Yum

Research Manager, Euromonitor International Hong Kong

Mr Josh Gardner

CEO and Co-Founder, KUNG FU DATA

Ms Jojo Lai

Manager, Sales, HKTDC

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