Evolving Recreational and Entertainment Tech

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Evolving Recreational and Entertainment Tech

The fast-changing technology and the Internet catalyses the diversification and digitalisation of gaming and entertainment products. Register for the 7 tech fairs to be held in Oct. for the latest trends in recreational and entertainment tech now! Don't miss the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition), which will showcase all kinds of innovative consumer electronics incorporating the newest technologies such as 5G, robotics and IoT.

Hot Picks

STEAM Educational

Robot Kit

Bonbon Robotics Limited


Swing Tracker

Gogotak Inc.



Motion Sensing

Game Controller

KellyJohn Studio Limited 

PC Gaming Soundbar

Kee Tat Manufactory Holdings Limited 


aspara® Nature

Smart Grower

Growgreen Limited


Skytag - Item Tracker

Skytech Creations Limited


USB MIDI PAD Controller

Suga Electronics Limited 



Ultra Short Throw


Ultmost Technology Corp. 


Healthcare Tracker

Megastek Technologies Ltd


Intelligence Hub

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Contact Exchange

Source for F.U.T.U.R.E in One Go

Gathering SEVEN trade fairs under ONE “physical+online” platform, a great variety of tech products and intelligence are assembled in this special occasion.


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